Outstanding Response to the Surname Challenge (Priimkoslovje)

In one of our recent posts, we talked about the Surname Challenge, a project we designed and to which we have invited students from the 6th grade of primary school, up to the 4th year of secondary school to participate.

To this day, 640 students have responded to the challenge, which started on March 28. Every day, their answers have been dripping in. We are delighted that both younger and older students have embraced the challenge, as we have gotten responses from all eight generations (6th-9th grade, and 1st-4th year). We were also really excited to receive the photos from the Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering in Škofja Loka (thank you, Blaž Katrašnik and Andreja Lampič).

Solving the challenge at the Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering in Škofja Loka

Although the challenge is still ongoing, we would like to take this chance to thank all the teachers who have provided their students not only with the information about it, but also with the opportunity of a new experience, and were helpful and supportive throughout the actual implementation.

We have promised that once the challenge is done, the participants will also receive a T-shirt. Keeping our promise, the organizers are already counting and collecting orders, so that the T-shirts can be delivered as soon as possible.

Congratulations to everyone who has already mustered the courage, and to all those still preparing to do so. We hope you continue to have fun and success in your data exploration journey!