New Activity: Traditional Slovene Houses

Where in Slovenia did they used to build houses like the one in the picture below?

Nowhere, of course – the pic is from Mongolia. But it can be used to open our new activity Slovene Houses. Fifth-grade students already know that there are no such houses in Slovenia, but they also know – not least because they learn about it in school – that historically, there were different types of houses built in different regions of Slovenia. Stone houses in the Karst region, lower-built thatched houses in the Pannonian plain, and higher-built houses (mostly due to their steep roofs) in the Alps .

The new activity therefore belongs in the fifth grade. We tried it out with the students that were just learning about this topic at the Jože Moškrič Primary School. After four months of polishing and refinement, the Traditional Slovene Houses activity is finally ready. Recommended for testing. 