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Where do Wolves and Badgers live in Slovenia? Does Monet paint water motifs or is it Manet? Can artificial intelligence recognise when a politician is telling the truth? Is the oak the only tree with fan leaves? Did SARS-CoV-2 really jump off a bat and if so, when? Does the number of years spent in school really increase life expectancy?

The Pumice project develops educational activities that can be used to enrich different school subjects. We use data related to the subject matter and explore it using AI and machine learning approaches. In collaboration with teachers, we have developed learning templates and background explanations for teachers and students.

PUMICE is supported by Google.org and the Tides Foundation, ARRS and the Slovenian Government Office for Digital Transformation under the CRP V2-2274 project. Artificial intelligence is being deployed using the Orange tool, which is being developed by the Bioinformatics Laboratory with the support of ARRS.

New Activity: Traditional Slovene Houses

Where in Slovenia Can You See Houses Like This?

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Playing with Data at Innovative Pedagogy 5.0

When Historians and Slovene Linguists Take the Stage

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New Tool: Data Entry Website

Bye, Google Forms. Things Will Be Easier From Now On

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Lesson Plans

Examples of lessons that use AI approaches in conjunction with regular curriculum material.

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  • Primary school
  • High school
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Taxonomic keys for animal groups
Refresh differentiation between animal groups
natural science, biology
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Socio-economic characteristics of countries
Observing countries by socio-economic characteristics
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Climate zones of Europe
Exploring Europe's climate zones
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Similarity between dialect groups
Identifying the similarities of Slovenian dialect groups
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Belles lettres and journalism
Distinguishing between journalistic and belles lettres texts
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Monet versus Manet
Stylistic differences between Monet and Manet
art history
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Identifying Quadrilaterals
The Computer Learns Rules for Distinguishing Between Types of Quadrilaterals
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How to distinguish a fish from a bird?
natural sciences and technology
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Finding as many non-conflicting reservations as possible
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Slovenian surnames
Observing the distribution of surnames in Slovenia
Slovenian, geography, history
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Finding similarities between NBA players.
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Modeling the behavior of a spring pendulum based on measurements.

Auxiliary activities

Activities explaining specific AI or data-analytic techniques. They are designed to be integrated into the different lessons described above.

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Hierarchical Clustering
Building a Hierarchy of Groups based on Similarities